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Hidden Treasures

The story of a Syrian dagger

This short video by Nicci Parry-Jones, Project Officer, Arts North West, tells the story of a Syrian dagger from our collection at the History House Museum.

Nicci produced it as part of her involvement in the Hidden Treasures workshop which is a collaborative project between Arts North West, ABC Open and selected Country Art Escapes museums and historic houses, including the Glen Innes & District History House Museum and Research Centre.

Winter Draw(er)s on | VIDEO

How on earth can we keep warm in these freezing temperatures? Maybe our parents and grandparents had some ideas. The manager of the History House in Glen Innes certainly thinks so. Eve Chapell has organised an exhibition of all kinds of items used in the past for keeping us warm from long and short-johns to paraffin heaters to furs to silk and woolen undergarments.

Let History House’s Eve Chappell give you a tour.